If you are passionate to pursue career in coding and programming is right stream to go with. Choosing a right career path in this field is a big challenge as there are numerous coding and programming languages.

PHP is among the most demanded languages in this field, and so are the PHP professionals. Hence, becoming one will be wise career option. Now you may have many queries in your mind regarding what you need to do to become a PHP professional. Here is a quick guide on the PHP developer’s career and on education, and training requirements.

First and foremost thing for you to know is that becoming certified is a key to grab various field related positions like coder, tester etc. Moreover, certification demonstrates candidates’ practical and theoretical knowledge in this field. It is a common knowledge that employers prefer to work with candidates who have strong hold on every aspect of this widely used web programming language. Upon completing certification, student will achieve a stamp of PHP developer.

How certification assures a bright career ahead:

  • Prove candidates skills and knowledge to potential employers
  • Make you recognized among competitors
  • Make you eligible to qualify high positions in the related field
  • You can secure higher salary packages

In order to become a certified developer, a student needs to undergo six weeks/months training program. There are number of companies that are running PHP training course in areas like Chandigarh.

During training, a student will get decent knowledge in various topics such as introduction to HTML-embedded scripting language, familiarly with server functionality, and knowledge of JavaScript & jQuery. Students also explore the topics like introduction to sessions and cookie, MySQL, Framework (CakePHP), and Content Management System (CMS (Joomla and Wordpress).

Learning language through companies is that they provide you an opportunity to develop your skills on professional level. To hone student’s programming skills, companies engage them to work on live projects. In this way, students not only gain theoretical knowledge of the field but also gain confidence to work in real world environment. The benefit of learning PHP with companies is that they are staffed with experienced professionals. In this way, students will get chance to lean from trainer’s expertise.

After completing course, student needs to quality an exam. Upon successful completion of exam formalities, the associated company provides a certification.

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